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Dec 19, 2023

Traffic duplicate on F5

Hello Dears

when user sending traffic to virtual server the traffic is duplicate and sometime the same record of data is inserted twice a time is there any configration on F5 level that prevent that


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  • it seems client does not receive tcp ack from f5 so client does tcp retransmission.
    i see at least 2 probable causes:

    a. "Acknowledge on Push" is enabled in virtual server's client side tcp profile while server response latency is long.
    hence, client does not receive tcp ack because f5 has not received server response to be pushed to client alongside the ack.

    b. F5 - client network connection is bad.

    i suggest you collect tcpdump in client and f5 to see more details.

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      Hello Dear and thnx for reply

      ok let me disable the acknowledge and test
      for network connection it seems stuiable since it's inside our company and minium interface is 1G while the F5 withour servers is 10G


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        just for info: the client side tcp profile means virtual server's client tcp profile.