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Feb 24, 2017

TPS Calculation with 4 Cores on B2150 Blades on VPR C2400

Calculating of Maximum SSL Session. Devices are

Chassis: C2400

Blade: B2150


As per documentation B2150 can have below numbers

SSL Keys: 2048(2K)

SSL TPS: 4000/Blade

Maximum SSL TPS: 10000 TPS

SSL TPS per core: 500

Each Core can handle: 5 session each 10ms cycle


config tmsh show sys performance throughput


SSL Transactions Current Average Max(since 02/23/17 07:26:59)

SSL TPS 10 10 13


So the question are

how many TPS session are possible with the 4 cores? Is it 20 ?

what does SSL TPS: 4000/Blade and Maximum SSL TPS: 10000 TPS means ?

Can in increase number of TPS by increasing number of Cores ?


Looking forward for the response