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May 21, 2024

To check the pool members logs using ihealth

Hi Team,

I did generate the qkview file , can someone please help me how to check the logs for pool members as it went down couples of time .



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  • You shouldn't have to look at your qkview to see when pool members went down. You can log into the CLI, then go into bash, and finally go to directory /var/log/ and parse through the ltm log.

  • To check the logs for pool members in your qkview file, follow these steps:

    1. Open the qkview File: Use a text editor or a tool like less to open the file.
    2. Search for Logs: Look for logs related to pool members. You can search for terms like "pool", "member", or specific pool member names.
    3. Check Timestamps: Focus on the timestamps when the pool members went down to identify relevant log entries.

    If you need detailed instructions or specific log file names, refer to your system's documentation or support resources. instant ink