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Mar 12, 2015

Throughput dashboard / SNMP OID / tmsh show sys performance throughput

  1. Throughput in the dashboard displays information In Out in bps
  2. I've added the following in OID in PRTG Network Monitor : sysStatClientBytesIn (. sysStatClientBytesOut (. sysStatServerBytesIn (. sysStatServerBytesOut (.  /tmos_snmp.html1038911 states information about the SNMP values used.
  3. tmsh show sys performance throughput (detail)

These 3 values don't match. We are working on an older version software, 11.1.0 HF2. Upgrades are already planned.

I understand that the dashboard gives a certain summary from the values. But what I don't understand is that the values from the SNMP differ from the show sys performance.

Can someone explain me how I should interpret the information.

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  • There is nothing in the load balancer UI that shows the data in this manner. I have in the past created custom reports similar to this using iControl.


    A much more low-tech solution, if you don't mind munging the data, is to spit it out via tmsh:


    cd /; list ltm virtual one-line recursive


    I'm sure putting that through the right sed/awk magic would get you what you want.


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      And I just realized I posted this on the wrong thread. ;) Ignore.
  • Hi,


    The LTM throughput statistics may not match, when you compare the dashboard against other statistics reporting tools because the dashboard throughput statistics include traffic observed on all physical interfaces (including MGMT interface), Layers 2 through 7. However, throughput statistics shown in other tools reflect only traffic passing through TMM.


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    I'm not using a formula, as far as I understand the throughput graph in the dashboard uses it.


    But if I check sysStatClientBytesIn (. in PTRG I get a value of roughly : (bits ?) And at the same time tmsh show sys performance throughput detail show a value current client bits in : 991.3K


    While I'm typing this I found the answer. The factor is roughly 30, so PRTG counts 30 sec instead of 1.


    Mystery solved, thanks for the replies guys. Much appreciated.