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Jul 05, 2023

"The requested self IP (/Common/selfip_1_1) was not found" keeps on showing in LTM logs


Using BIG-IP VE (v16.1.3.4) on IBM Cloud (pre-built image).
Whole system works well except for repeating messages (every 2 s) showing up in /var/log/ltm:
Jul 5 07:58:27 bigip-01.qpc err tmsh[18264]: 01420006:3: 01020036:3: The requested self IP (/Common/selfip_1_1) was not found.

There is no such selfip 1_1; I have two interfaces, one for traffic (1_2) with selfip_1_2 (created automatically for me), the other for management (1_1) with no self ip.

Anyone has any idea where this error is coming from ?

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  • You can search /config directory via SSH for the configuration file with the selfip_1_1 reference. Modify the file, deleting the refernce, and then reload / save the config.

    1) SSH into F5 BIG-IP instance and grep for selfip_1_1 in /config directory.

    2) Modify the file with the reference, removing it.

    3) tmsh load sys config

    4) tmsh save sys config

    5) Continue via GUI to configuration as usual.