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Mar 19, 2020

/pre/config.php?version=2.0 retruns "The requested file was not found on the server."


BigIP Edge client stopped accessing SSL VPN looping over "Can't receive settings from server".

Digging deeper, the https://myvpnurl/pre/config.php?version=2.0 seems to have stopped retruning XML settings and rather prints this message :

 "The requested file was not found on the server. Please contact system administrator!"

Everything was working OK till users started reporting that new VPN connection was failing. Already established VPN sessions are still working.

No errors are reported in /var/log/apm or /var/log/ltm, and APM licences limit were not reached.

It seems as something broke somewhere in APM interals. Where should I look to have more insights of what's happening? (maybe a service crash or something)

Any help would be really appreciated!