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Mar 14, 2011

The question about bandwidth of link

Hello everyboday, I want to record the bandwidth of link. so I used a iRules to solve this problem




set Gateway_Tel


set Gateway_Cnc


log local0. "bandwidth is: [ROUTE::bandwidth [IP::local_addr] $Gateway_Tel]"


log local0. "bandwidth is: [ROUTE::bandwidth [IP::local_addr] $Gateway_Cnc]"





but the log always display a value of "0". Why?




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  • Per the wiki page:





    Collection for this statistic is not yet implemented; hence it always has a value of 0.


  • It looks like TCP::bandwidth was also disabled in 9.4.2:





    You could open a case with F5 Support to find out more about these two commands and whether there are plans to bring back this type of functionality.