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May 27, 2011

Testing/debugging connection between VIP and nodes

Is there a way to test this connection with debug/error messages beyond the monitor?



I have a VIP which load balances between two openldap nodes. The Health Monitor listening on port 636 shows the nodes down, the parent monitor shows the servers as up. The nodes are running their service on 636 and from the command line of the F5 I can telnet to port 636 on those nodes and get a connection, but that is coming from the management port, which is on a different VLAN from the self-ips reporting the nodes as down.



I want to troubleshoot that connection, to see if a firewall/VLAN/other reason is causing the nodes to show as down.



Any suggestions welcome.


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  • Worked it out, my LDAP monitor isn't configured properly. Might need another thread on that.....
  • For future reference can you post an anonymized copy of your monitor configs using 'b monitor MONITOR_NAME list'?



    Thanks, Aaron