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Jul 14, 2014

tcpdump portrange option

Hi everyone,   I'm trying to capture traffic directed to a certain range of tcp ports with tcpdump. When using the "portrange" expression I get a syntax error:   tcpdump -i -s0 -w capture_file...
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    Jul 18, 2014



    tcpdump -i SRV -s0 -w capture_file.trc port 8080 or port 8081 or port 8082


    This worked for me, I saw traffic on all 3 ports in both directions in my dump. My only diff was the interface name.


    This was on 10.2.4 HF5, tcpdump version 3.9.4, libpcap version 0.7.2


    Again, no idea why portrange doesn't work, but I can confirm the same problem on this version.