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Mar 23, 2012

Taking a node out of traffic

If a node is needed to take out of traffic, then I think one needs to disable the user sessions and let them finish and then node can be marked down.



Isn't a right and safe way to do?



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  • Hi Samurai,



    You can disable the node address and TMM will allow clients with an active connection table entry and clients with a current persistence record for any pool member on that node address to continue using the node.



    If you want to clear the connections and force clients to connect to new pool members, you could remove the connection table entries using 'b conn' or 'tmsh sys conn'.



  • Thanks.



    How is the node address disable different from the node session disable?


  • How does the forced offline option differ from the disabled option? The "forced offline" option knocks of current sessions too right?
  • Here are the descriptions of the possible node states from the GUI:



    Enabled (All traffic allowed)


    Disabled (Only persistent or active connections allowed)


    Forced Offline (Only active connections allowed)



    In this scenario, persistent means clients with a persistence record pointing to the node address for any pool. In other words, if the node address is disabled, and a client makes a new connection to a virtual server with a persistence cookie or source address persistence record pointing to a pool member on the node address the client's connection will allowed to the pool member with a disabled node address.



    If you want to remove current connections you'd need to delete the connection table entries. See 'b conn help' or 'tmsh help sys conn' for command details.



    On a related note if you set the pool property 'action on service down' to reject, TMM will reject existing clientside connections when a monitor marks a pool member down.