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Mar 04, 2011

System::Connections::get_list limit?

I wrote a perl script to retrieve a list of connections from several BigIPs ( all version 9.4.7).


I am using System::Connections::get_list.


The script works if the number of connections is under a few thousand.


However, it does not work for the BigIPs that currently have somewhere around 10,000 or more connections.



Is there a limit for get_list?


If so, Can it be changed?





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  • I think this may be related to a known bug: the bigpipe conn displays a max of 7,037 connections.




    Could someone at F5 please prioritize this?


  • iControl actually has its own path into the management plane on the BigIP - the bigpipe bug likely isn't related. That said, I'm pretty sure that this has been deprecated from the SDK - the connection limit on many of our systems is huge, and pulling that amount of data, marshaling it to XML, and then serving it up via SOAP is extremely expensive, even impractical. For example, a large number of connections (say tens or hundreds of thousands) could take a serious toll on the iControl subsystem, which could in turn affect the box overall.



    Someone please correct me if I am wrong.