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Nov 14, 2011

syntax for matches_glob

Hi, having syntax problems with matches_glob function. I have this, which works: if { $agent matches_glob "*android 2.1*" } { do something }, what I want to do is implement an OR type operator on a string within the string $agent. similar to switch -glob using - after the string match. Is this possible? I have not been able to find any syntax reference for the matches_glob command. thanks in advance.

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  • The best I have been able to do is something like:



    if { ($agent matches_glob "*android 2.1*") or ($agent matches_glob "*android 2.2*") or ($agent matches_glob "*os 1.0*") } { do something }.



    but I am not sure of this is the most efficient way of doing something like this?



    Any suggestions would be gratefully received.




  • Hi nnzaid,

    The second syntax you have would work. But you can use a switch statement instead:

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
       switch [string tolower [HTTP::header User-Agent]] {
          "*android 2.*" -
          "*os 1.0*" {
              Do something
          default {
              Do something else