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Mar 03, 2021

Stumped by regular expression

Requirement: build a health Check to send an api url call to server and parse the return value for key indicators.




Crafted Send String: GET /rest/apigateway/health/all HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\nConnection: Close\r\n\r\n


User name and password required: DEVF5Inside / <password>


Expected return to be parsed:



  "status": "green",

  "elasticsearch": {

    "cluster_name": "DEV_EventDataStore",

    "status": "green",

    "number_of_nodes": "2",

    "number_of_data_nodes": "2",

    "timed_out": "false",

    "active_shards": "388",

    "initializing_shards": "0",

    "unassigned_shards": "0",

    "task_max_waiting_in_queue_millis": "0",

    "port_9240": "ok",

    "response_time_ms": "16"


  "is": {

    "status": "green",

    "diskspace": {

      "status": "up",

      "free": "99419619328",

      "inuse": "152539549696",

      "threshold": "25195916902",

      "total": "251959169024"


    "memory": {

      "status": "up",

      "freemem": "2668806528",

      "maxmem": "3817865216",

      "threshold": "368102604",

      "totalmem": "3681026048"


    "servicethread": {

      "status": "up",

      "avail": "286",

      "inuse": "14",

      "max": "300",

      "threshold": "30"


    "response_time_ms": "103"


  "terracotta": {

    "status": "green",

    "nodes": "2",

    "healthy_nodes": "2",

    "response_time_ms": "67"




3 Key Indicators of healthy Services:



"elasticsearch": {

    "cluster_name": "DEV_EventDataStore",

    "status": "green",



"is": {

    "status": "green",



"terracotta": {

    "status": "green",



I would think it was possible to craft the received string parse to check for all 2 key indicators so I do not have to create 3 separate health checks.


I have tried just checking for the first indication by following suggestion in DevCentral but is did not work:


\"elasticsearch\": \{\"cluster_name\": \"DEV_EventDataStore\",\"status\": \"green\",


This solution is complicated by all 3 indicators being the same syntax: "status": "green"


I think there might be an issue with my GET string as well because the Monitor log only shows "200 OK" as the response from the server.


When I change the receive string to only elasticsearch, it passes.


Any Help Here?

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  • Issue resolved.


    I discovered that the "Type" and "parent monitor" were set to "HTTPS" but SSL Profile was left at "NONE". I selected a generic ssl profile and the health check started functioning.


    Here is what I end up with for the unique/per server in the pool/heath check.


    Send String: GET /rest/apigateway/health/all HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\nConnection: Close\r\n\r\n

    Receive String: elasticsearch.*cluster_name.*DEV_EventDataStore.*status.*green.*number_of_nodes.*status.*green.*diskspace.*terracotta.*status.*green.*nodes


    The additional items in the receive string parse are so the F5 does not match subsequent  "status": "green" occurrences in the reply.


    Thank You for your responses.


    I am moving forward with the "monitoring server platform" idea that will provide an UP/DOWN HTML page for the F5 to check.


  • I always start my regex development at



    (\"elasticsearch\")(.*)(\n\B)(\s*.*\n\B)(\s*\"status\": \"green\")


    matches the first stanza.


    It gets harder from there ...

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      Could the issue actually be in the formatting of my GET string?


      Here is the URL the DEV OPS Team gave me:



      Here is how I formatted the Send String:

      GET /rest/apigateway/health/all HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\nConnection: Close\r\n\r\n


      This request requires a username and password so they have been entered

  • Could you use an external monitor so you can parse the json return data more cleanly than with REGEX? in python, that would be pretty simple:

    from sys import stdout
    resp = '''your json response string'''
    if resp['elasticsearch']['status'] == 'green' and resp['is']['status'] == 'green' and resp['terracotta']['status'] == 'green':

    You can find a full python external monitor sample here in the codeshare for RADIUS that you could modify to meet your needs.