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Sep 14, 2011

Strange issue on a virtual server - LTM V.10.2.1

I have encountered a strange issue on one of my forwarding virtual servers which was created today. When the virtual server was created initially traffic was forwarded correctly for 10-15 mins and suddenly stopped.


After that when we open that virtual server and even without changing anything if we submit then again it stats to forward traffic for another 10-15 mins and stops again. This happens again and again



Has anyone see this kind of issue, any kind of help is appreciated.



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  • Hi Mituser,


    The only time I have seen something like this if there is a route leak from the management interface. To verify you could perform a tcpdump on the management interface to see if the requests are leaking. if that is what is happening then you should think about shutting down the management interface and using the self-ip address for management.



    I hope this helps


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    Is this a single connection? Or HTTP style of traffic?



    Can you post the config for the VS and the pool it uses (And any associated profiles etc).