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Aug 14, 2017

Strange Analysis Plane CPU usage after upgrade to Version 13.0 with Hot-fix( 12.1.2 )

After upgrading from Version 12 to Version 13 with Hot-fix 2 , I've faced a strange behavior regarding Analysis Plane CPU Usage which is reaching to 100 % , after checking with TOP command , I found that avrd process and mysql process reaches 100 % of CPU after a short time and this continues , I tried the below things but it didn't work : 1- reset AVR counters 2- re-provision AVR module 3- restart BIG-IP


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  • Additional comments : 1- when I deactivate DoS profile from Virtual servers in Version 13 ( Hotfix2 ) , the CPU problem will be solved but the CPU usage will raise to 100 % as soon as I assign DoS profile to virtual servers . 2- I tried to use default DoS profile and also set all the DoS Device configuration settings to Auto Threshold but still the CPU was high which means the problem is not for DoS configuration 3- Something is wrong with MySQL/AVR since avrd command is occupying 100 % of CPU all the time 4- Finally I have rolled back to Version 13 and there is no problem with the CPU and everything is fine in this version Now I want to know what is the reason for this issue in Hot Fix 2


    Platform : BIG-IP 10250


  • perhaps you have better luck with an answer now, but else i would advise you to open a support ticket.


  • Thanks , I want to know anyone have the same problem during the Hot-fix installation ?