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  • Hello Giorgio_Serafin,

    1) Data displayed in Gui -> Statistics -> Analytics provide detailed metrics such as transactions per
    second, page load time, server and client latency, request and response throughput, and user sessions.

    You can view metrics for applications, virtual servers, pool members, URLs, specific countries, response codes, user agents, HTTP methods, countries, and IP also provide detailed statistics for CPU, RAM and Disk space.

    You can see these DATA when AVR Module is provisioned.
    It provide statistical analysis mainly for the traffic that is going through the system.

    2) Data displayed in  Gui -> Statistics -> Performance Report provides BIG-IP system itself throughput statistics not traffic going through the system

    It provides statistics related to CPU, RAM, RAM Cache, Througput,Memory >>> Not related to Traffic

    These statistics not requiring for any modules provisioning.