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Dec 11, 2020

standby LB: device sync problem, after OS upgrade

After upgrading the OS of our two load balancers (from, to


- The active load balancer did not experience any problem.

- The standby load balancer displayed the following behavior:


1. This error message is constantly displayed near the top of the GUI:

"This configuration has not yet loaded. If this message persists, it may indicate a configuration problem." 


2. Its Network Map is empty. 

(implying that all of the existing config, e.g. virtual servers, pools and nodes, before the OS upgrade, somehow disappeared)


3. In the Device Trust: Local Domain GUI page, this message is displayed:

"Recommended action: Synchronize <name of standby load balancer> to group device_trust_group"


Any suggestions on how to fix the problem in the standby load balancer would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hello, what error logs do you see under cli ? You can try to run below command under cli and check errors. This may give you more clarity. You can even check logs under /var/log/ltm

    tmsh load /sys config verify

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      Hello Mayur,

      Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

      Here is the CLI output, after executing (using root account) the CLI command that you suggested:

      Validating system configuration...
      Validating configuration...
      Loading schema version:
      Loading schema version:
      01070734:3: Configuration error: Can't associate classification overview selection (/[All]/uwid55d0a8e85af4f) folder does not exist
      Unexpected Error: Validating configuration process failed.
  • Hi, Thanks for sharing logs. Error logs gives some clarity. The config verification is failing. Please refer below articles which talks about similar issue.



    I would also recommend you to raise case with support before applying any of the actions in above articles.