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  • Y4es : how to ? :)



    it seems to work now by just defining 2 separate iRules : I capture the hostname with a global variable in the first iRule (when HTTP_REQUEST) and use it to select an SSL profile in the second (when CLIENT_ACCEPTED)....not 100% sure it works as it should. what do you think ?
  • There was a trick to it though : I had to add a RULE_INIT to reset my global variable...
  • Did you use SSL::profile?





  • Yes but differently. I can post my iRules if you wish. I actually have 2 iRules : the 1st one upon HTTP_REQUEST, captures the URL, sets it in a global variable and picks the pool accordingly. The 2nd, upon CLIENT-ACCEPT uses the global variable to select the SSL_PROFILE.


    It works :)


  • I think you'd want to use a local variable instead of a global. A global variable would be read and changed by any connection. So you'd have conflicts if multiple client connections occur at the same time.



  • Ok but will a local variable be kept across multiple iRule statements (I never managed to define it in an HTTP-REQUEST and use it in a CLIENT-ACCEPTED tight after : it refused to recognize the local variable), which I need...
  • A local variable is accessible from any iRule on the same TCP connection. If you want to store a variable across TCP connections, you can use a subtable: