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Jan 30, 2012

Splitting 2 production Viprion clusters(active-stdby) into two..



I need to split 2 production Viprion clusters (redundant pair -Active/Stdby) into two standalone clusters.


Since this is Active-Stdby config I suppose I could just force offline the stdby one and uncable it, then reset its config and configure as a seperate standalone cluster. However I wonder what about that Active cluster which will all the time think it is still part of Active/Stdby pair, looking for Stdby one to be up someday again... I'm wondering if I might run into issues later when upgrading the system/relicensing or changing the configs etc. ?


If someone could advise what is the best way to split two redundant clusters (Active/Stdby) into two seperate standalone clsuters, I would be greatfull.






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