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Jun 07, 2011

Something strange at log:local traffic

Hi all,


have you ever seen at your logs for local traffic something like this?



sod[3298] | 010c003b | bind fails on send_sock_fd addr 2620:0:c10:f5xx:x:x:xxxx:xxxx port 0 error Cannot assign requested address



The are trying to resolve some issues at F5 and I am just wondering what those notices does means?


They appear every 10 minutes.




Thanks for comments and have a nice day,




4 Replies

  • have u added mgmt address in unicast network failover pair config?
  • No, mgmt address is set only in the field peer management address.


    for unicast HA traffic is used IP from high availibity VLAN..


  • i understand we need two pairs; one is of mgmt and the other one is of ha vlan.



    Specifying unicast addresses for failover


    When specifying unicast, rather than multicast, addresses for failover, you need to specify two pairs of IP addresses, where one of the pairs indicates the management IP addresses of the two units. The other pair indicates two self IP addresses, one for VLAN HA on each unit.



    20 Configuring High Availability

  • We don't use mgmt IP as unicast address for failover. But at the other F5 we manage, there aren't also used mgmt IP address for unicast failover and they haven't these notices in log: local traffic..