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Mar 10, 2024

SNAT is not forwarding traffic towards Pool

VIP, Self IP and SNAT are in same VLAN but Pool member is in different VLAN. Pool is reachable from Self IP. VIP and Pools are up, SNAT pool added in VIP. Traffic is visible on VIP from internet but SNAT is not forwarding traffic towards pool. pls suggest on this ?

Internet >> WAF VIP (vlan 123) >> SNAT (vlan 123) or Self IP (vlan 123) >> Pool (vlan 456)

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  • ashishagrawal8 I recommend running the following and see what comes up in wireshark.

    tcpdump -nni 0.0:nnp host <virtual_server_IP> -w /shared/tmp/tshoot.pcap

    This should save the capture tshoot.pcap in path /shared/tmp/ which you can pull off and open up in wireshark. When you open this up in wireshark I recommend filtering by client IP first, then take the ephemeral port that the client uses and filter based on that port which should then follow the SNAT from the client request all the way through to the F5 SNAT IP destined to the pool member. You should see some F5 fields added in and you can see exactly what the F5 is doing with the connection. If you have a firewall or an ACL blocking the request from the SNAT IP to the destination pool member I could see this dropping because of that.