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May 13, 2024

Observing unexpected VLAN traffic on F5OS TMOS Tenant

I noticed running on TMOS (17.1.3) based tenant on an F5 OS (1.7) appliance (R4800) that I was receiving traffic from unattached VLAN. 

It was first observed while investigating something else and happened to run 'pcacp -ni 0.0' (within the TMOS Tenant shell).

Confirmed the unexpected frames still held the correct VLAN TAG # (one that was not attached/assigned to this Tenant).

Curious if anyone else has seen this, if this expected (that L2 traffic would be seen that does not belong to a Tenant)? Running on R4000 series appliance. Both expected VLANs and unexpected vlans are sharing the same LACP Bond (2x 10g) to the network in the F5 OS layer. I would expect this sounds like a bug, otherwise why even have the 'VLAN' assignment section in Tenant configuration.

I am curious though if this may just be a side effect of the NIC driver / 'pcacp' running in a VM-on-Container environment that is F5OS w/ TMOS.

Curious if anyone else has run into this.


The way I read this documentation would indicate this probably shouldn't be happening:

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