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Feb 01, 2012

Site to Site VPN Issue

I am having a problem as follows: My Link Controller sends all traffic out at the floating IP of (Preferred ISP) or (Secondary ISP)



I have some VPN Tunnels that require bidirectional VPN Traffic but I know the Link controller will not respond to traffic on the two ip's above except for Global Traffic Management traffic.




So I have another block on IP's routed from the same ISP's Preferred ISP or Secondary ISP




How can I make my VPN traffic outbound look like its coming from the or




I am a newbie to F5 Link controllers and thought I would turn to the DevCentral community for some assistance.




Thanks for any assistance you can provide me.










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  • I have an update to this...I got the tunnel connected by using a Virtual Server for outgoing port 500 and snatted it to my IP i want the traffic to come from, but the problem now is ping isn't working it looks like an ESP problem...any assistance would be appreciated.