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Jun 22, 2011

Single VIP for multiple websites?




I want to place a Big IP in a DMZ and wanted to know if it is possible to use a single VIP to load balance multiple websites?












[ Firewall ]






[Big IP]










Internal Server VLAN (3 nodes hosting 12 websites)




Each website currently has NAT between internal and public IP on firewall. I want to change NAT to point to the LTM but did not want to set up 12 VIPs.




Is this doable, and is the proper way to configure it?




















2 Replies

  • Totally doable, assuming you're not doing SSL termination. It can pan out a few ways, but your scenario is the easiest because it's just name based virtual hosting. Point your host records to the VIP address in DNS and you'll be off and running. Mock it up first and you'll see that it's a very straight forward config!



    -- Matt
  • I should qualify the SSL comment a bit, sorry. It's still possible with SSL too, but it'll require a few extra steps.