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Jun 25, 2011

Simple Topology

Hi All



Im hoping I can get some basic help. I am new to both f5 and VMware.




Apologies if this question has already been answered elsewhere but there is so much documentation out there that I keep getting confused.




I have created the following:




1) F5 VM on Windows 7 Host


2) WinXP VM on Windows 7 Host (simulating client)


3) WinXP VM on Windows 7 Host (simulating server 1)


4) WinXP VM on Windows 7 Host (simulating server 2)






I am using VMware workstation 7




As you can see above I have created 4 virtual machines on the same host machine.


I would like to VM 2 to be a client simulating http requests to VMs 3 and 4 through the F5 VM so I can get an understanding of simple load balancing configuration.




When I initially setup the f5 VM I defined and internal and external vlans and saw that there were 2 interfaces available.




From this setup I have 2 basic questions:




1) I understand from documentation that the f5VM runs in host-mode only, does this mean that all VMs (including internal and external) must be in the same subnet?


(that point is really confusing me)and does this mean all of my other machines should be in host mode aswell.




2) How should I be connecting my machines? My initial thoughts were to connect VM2 client to the external interface and then connect the virtual switch within VMware (which has VMs 3 and 4 connected)


to the internal interface.




I would really appreciate any help, even simple pointers!!










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  • Hi Muz,



    The LTM VE can work on bridged and NATd interfaces--not just host only. The first interface is for the mgmt. On a VM host with one external interface I normally set this for host only and then administer the LTMs via a self IP address (if I need to admin the VE off the VM host).



    You could create a second host only interface and VLAN, and put the server(s) on that VLAN.



    Jason wrote a great article on setting up VE: