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Oct 20, 2020

SharePoint Server Farm F5 LoadBalancer with SSL

Hi All,

First off i should let you know that i am not managing the F5, I am posting here to maybe find out if error is caused from f5 config, if so steer the customer to fix their f5 config with regards to specific sharepoint settings.


I have a 2x2 MinRole HA SharePoint Server Farm. 2 App servers, 2 WFE servers. I have had the customer set up F5 LoadBalancer with SSL being handled with F5. I have setup my alternate access mapping as follows.

public url is the dns set up for f5. and in internal urls i have added http/s version of app server, and the two web servers.


As for problems I have faced, I found out when i want to pick a date from calendar the widget is not loaded from server. It throws a x-frame set to deny error.


One other problem i found out is that workflows dont work and throw an ssl connection can not be established error.


How should the customer set up f5 load balancing with ssl handled in f5?


Thanks in advance.


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  • My guess is that customer didn't follow the guidance located here


    I will tell them about this deployment guide once i am able contact them. Meanwhile can you confirm this is the right way and if we follow the document linked above we should be resovling the problems i have shown?