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May 11, 2018

Severity Level Question ?

Guys lets say i've configured a virtual server and its not working and i suspected it's a hardware issue. Which severity level would i open with the support ?


1) Severity level 1


2) severity level 2


3) severity level 3


4) severity level 4


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  • From KB2633


    • Severity 1 - Site down - Software or hardware conditions on your F5 device are preventing the execution of critical business activities. The device will not power up or is not passing traffic. Security issue - Critical business impact due to an attack or vulnerability.
    • Severity 2 - Site at risk - Software or hardware conditions on your F5 device are preventing or significantly impairing high level commerce or business activities. The device is in degraded state that places your network or commerce at risk. Security issue - Severe business impact due to an attack, vulnerability, compliance, or data at risk.
    • Severity 3 - Performance degraded - Software or hardware conditions on your F5 device have degraded service or functionality for normal business or commerce activities. Network traffic through the device is causing some applications to be unreachable, or operate in a diminished capacity. Security issue - Potential or partial business impact related to mitigation, audit results, or vulnerability.
    • Severity 4 - General assistance - Questions regarding configurations. Troubleshooting non-critical issue or request for product functionality that is not currently part of the current product feature set. Security issue - General security related questions or concerns which are not related to an immediate need.

    Note: For Severity 1 issues, you should call F5 Technical Support to speak with an engineer.


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      • I want to ask the same question in a different scenario, where only one F5 device in HA cluster encounters hardware failure, failover occurs consequently, so site isnt down, site maybe at risk? Performance not degraded cause the the failover device has same performance as the one failing.
      • What severity level to be choses this time please?
      • Thank you.
  • Depends on how urgent it is for you. If it's for a dev environment you can go with a lower sev than if your core business is down.


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      For such issues you can always log severity 3 case(Performance degraded). It is a best practice to follow severity levels to get proper F5 support.