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Jan 05, 2012

Setting up monitors for SSRS 2008

First post here.



I read another thread where someone mentioned they had unsucessfully tried several built in monitors to monitor SQL Reporting Services 2008. I am having the same issues due to the changes to SSRS. It no longer uses IIS and now an embedded web server. Has anyone sucessfully been able to setup a monitor for this?


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  • Wow... that was tactful and helpful WorkInProgress! Ray, please disregard that comment. That's not the tone we aim for on DC.



    Ray, is this the post you are referring to?



    SQL 2008 Reporting Services




    If so, do you have an example URL you can use to test the service? Is it like this? http://reports11/Reports/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=/ variables>



    If so, can you try making a request with curl to the pool member and see if you get a response? If not, what auth method does the app use?