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Apr 25, 2011

set SNAT Pool to "AutoMap" with iControl?

Hi folks,



I'm using iControl from java trying to create a simple, standard virtual server. Everything works fine except for the SNAT Pool being set to "None" which prevens web traffic flow. Is there a way to set SNAT Pool to "AutoMap" with iControl? I can't seem to find the correct method call



Any help is appreciated.


Thank you, Roman

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    Hi Roman,



    I think what you're bumping up against here is the difference between a SNAT and a SNAT pool. A SNAT pool is a group of IP addresses that map to source addresses for packets egressing the BIG-IP. A SNAT can map to a single IP, a SNAT pool, or be automapped to a self-IP on the egress interface. I think you'll want to create a SNAT with automap through the LocalLB::SNAT interface (



    Hope this helps,



  • Hi George,



    Thanks for reply. I'm a bit unclear between SNAT Pool for the virtual server vs SNAT for the actual pool. Since I have SNAT set to Yes for default pool, I thought all incoming requests will automatically be routed to ip members.



    I'll check the LocalLB::SNAT.



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    Hi Roman,



    The "Allow SNAT" and "Allow NAT" options for the pool control whether a SNAT or NAT rule under Local Traffic > SNATs (or NATs) should be applied to pool member connections. The virtual server "SNAT pool" option controls whether packets destined for a pool member should be automapped to a self-IP, SNAT'd to a SNAT pool address, or left alone (the "none" option). I personally don't mess with the "Allow SNAT" and "Allow NAT" options very often.