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Jan 10, 2023

server login issue

Hello Dears

we Have F5 device working in HA mode , we create a virtual server for a server as below

the server working with port 8189

the Virtual server created with port 443

SSL offloading is enabled

when the users try to login to the server the login panel is appered and the user try to enter username and password but the page back to login page without no action while when we change the port to 9898 or any other port it's working fine without any issue could anyone help us with that ?

Best Regards

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  • Hi MustphaBassim,

    Browsers tipically open multiple TCP sessions to a server when transferring data, so it might happen that some of those sessions go to a server and some to another. When you consider authentication, the server you authenticated to allows you to see the content, but the other does not. That might be why you're getting redirected to the login page.

    So I would suggest having a persistence profile in place (maybe based on source address, maybe cookie). Want to try that?

    [Edit: the pool has 1 member, so forget the idea ­čś× ]