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Mar 07, 2012

Server-initiated Connection what to do?




i have a deployment of an ASM in few days and i need to clarify some points(if possible).


The ASM should be installed in a DMZ of a firewall and the server default gateway is the ASM.


the connection will be Client->Outside of Firewall->DMZ of firewall (ASM)-> web server.


off course all the necessary configuration will be done such as creating a virtual server and


bind it to a class.....etc.



The question is what to do on ASM if the server will initiate the connection??? The connection will be to a database server or any server which resides inside the LAN (Firewall inside).



Do i have to create a VS and assign it to the vlan facing the server, then bind a snat to it?


Is there any other ways?












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  • Hi George,



    A VS would be ideal. If you want to set idle timeouts and/or optimized profiles per protocol, you could create port specific virtual servers.



  • Hi Aaron,


    Thank you for your support.



    Why I would set or change timeouts or use profiles?






  • For example, you could create a VS with a TCP idle timeout set low (maybe 100 seconds) and a VS with a longer idle timeout for RDP (maybe 8 hours?).



    sol7166: Changing the idle timeout for a protocol profile