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Jul 09, 2019

Sending HTML Emails via APM Email Action

Hi All,   Is it possible at all to send HTML emails (so to include an image in the email body) via the APM policy by default. I see a few threads from years gone by where people were asking for ...
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    Jul 09, 2019

    Hi JD,


    I was in the same situation sometime ago. Finally, ended up using iRule to send out HTML emails.


    I have tried using HTML tags in APM Email Agent in VPE (after creating an SMTP configuration object under System -> Configuration -> Device -> SMTP) but it treated the tags as message body text. So, no use.


    Anyways, I found iRule method much more flexible in terms of email design and HTML tags.


    Here a sample iRule to start with:



    when RULE_INIT {

      set static::debug 1




     if { [ACCESS::policy agent_id] eq "Login-Alert" } {

        log local0. "Agent triggered"

        set mailfrom ""

        set mailserv ""


        set response0 "<font face=calibri>Dear [ACCESS::session data get]</font>"

        set response1 "<font face=calibri>Your account </font><font color=4455FA face=calibri>[ACCESS::session data get]</font> <font face=calibri>was used for login to Company Application.</font>"

        set response2 "<b><font face=calibri>Client Type:</b> [ACCESS::session data get session.client.type]</font>"

          set response3 "<b><font face=calibri>Client IP:</b> [ACCESS::session data get session.user.clientip]</font>"

        set response4 "<b><font face=calibri>Location:</b> [ACCESS::session data get session.user.ipgeolocation.state], [ACCESS::session data get session.user.ipgeolocation.country_name].</font>"


        set recipient "[ACCESS::session data get]"


        set conn [connect -timeout 3000 -idle 30 -status conn_status $mailserv]


        set data "HELO\r\nMAIL FROM: $mailfrom\r\nRCPT TO: $recipient\r\nDATA\r\nSUBJECT: Application Login Activity\r\nMIME-Version: 1.0;\r\nContent-Type: text/html;charset=iso-8859-1;\r\n\r\n\r\n$response<p>\r\n$response0</p><p>\r\n$response1</p><p>\r\n$response2</p><p>\r\n$response3</p><p>\r\n$response4</p>\r\n\r\n.\r\n"

        log local0. "helo done."

        set send_info [send -timeout 3000 -status send_status $conn $data]

        set recv_data [recv -timeout 3000 -status recv_status 393 $conn]

        log $recv_data

        close $conn





    In the above example, you can change the underlined code as per your environment and the bold text is just the message text in between HTML tags and APM session variables (you can write your own text).


    Basically, this iRule sends out an email notification to the user who logs into the company application and it provides the following information in the message body:


    • The account which was used for authentication
    • Client browser type
    • Client IP
    • Client Geo Location

    All of this information is fetched from APM session variables.


    I hope this will help.