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Mar 05, 2023

Send notifcation when monitor object

Hello Dears

i am asking if i could get notifcation from F5 device when monitor object is down , as an exmple

object 1 port 443

when object 1 is down the F5 send an email with that event


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  • Hi MustphaBassim,

    K13180: Configuring the BIG-IP system to deliver locally generated email messages (11.x - 16.x)

    K3667: Configuring alerts to send email notifications

    /config/user_alert.conf :

    alert POOLMEMBER_TEST_DOWN "Pool /Common/pool_test member /Common/node_test:443 monitor status down." {
    	email toaddress=","
    	body="A pool member health check has failed."


  • MustphaBassim in addition to what Enes_Afsin_Al said you might consider SNMP monitoring that can generate alerts because then you can have one centralized location to monitor everything that you have rather than alerts that you setup on the devices individually. Setting up SNMP monitoring up front will be a bit to do but in the long run will most likely be the better option.

  • Hi MustphaBassim,

    It's not hard to do what you are asking about, several other posters have explained how to do it.

    I would advise you -not- to do it. In my experience setting up the F5 as the responsible device for communicating when resources go down is not a good idea. Asset teams should be responsible for knowing the status of their servers, not relying on the F5 to provide said status.