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Oct 04, 2023

Seeking Efficient Migration Advice: From BIG-IP i2800 ( to BIG-IP r2600 (


I need to migrate configurations from an end-of-support BIG-IP i2800 ( to a newly purchased BIG-IP r2600 (

  • Current Device: BIG-IP i2800
  • New Device: BIG-IP r2600

Since BIG-IP Journey seems to support only up to v16, I'm considering the following migration steps:

  1. Trial use BIG-IP VE, import UCS from i2800: load sys ucs [i2800 UCS File] no-license platform-migrate
  2. With the VE version, verify the configurations while setting up the r2600.

This process seems cumbersome, and I’m wondering if there’s a more efficient alternative. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.