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Many of our NetOps friends are under pressure from leadership to become more efficient and integrate with continuous deployment orchestration tools. While most can see the business benefits, and fully understand the drive towards programmable infrastructure, its difficult to know where to start. Furthermore, like with any new architecture, its not always obvious which pitfalls to be on the lookout for and how to avoid them.

Understanding the source-of-truth shift across the changing operating models is a critical. To aid in the journey towards automated deployment, F5’s Hitesh Patel featured on "The Hot Isle - Podcast Episode 47” discussing, “The Source of Truthiness".



What happened?

F5 Solution Architect, Hitesh Patel (@F5Hitesh), joins hosts Brent Patti (@BrentPiatti) and Brian Carpenter (@intheDC) to discuss details of the operational shift towards orchestration. Traditional infrastructure management tools focus on object-level management and do this by shifting the task of feature management onto a central management platform. Whereas orchestration tools are not geared around managing features and instead drive configuration through policy. The former, a bottom-up device centric process, and the latter a top-down policy driven process. With device management, the source of truth is the device itself, and its running config. However, with policy-driven orchestration, the source of the truth comes from the orchestration/deployment system.

Listen to this episode to understand Imperative versus Declarative operational models, the various layers of ’sources of truth’ (or, source of truthiness, as Hitesh likes to call it), and what you will come up against on your journey towards increased operational efficiency. You’ll also hear about F5’s presence on Github and our Github-first attitude towards programmability in this new architectural era.

So, if there’s only one Podcast you listen to today, I’d ‘declare' it as ‘imperative’ that you listen to this one:  


Hitesh Patel, F5 Networks

Published Aug 29, 2016
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