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Oct 02, 2020

Security Policy textual configuration

Hi everyone,

i would like to know if there is a way to see or extract Security Policy's fully configuration as textual in ASM using CLI, like this VS's configuration:

ltm virtual Test_Net_Acc_vs {
    ip-protocol tcp
    last-modified-time 2020-03-03:11:27:03
    profiles {
        APM_accessone { }
        Test_Net_Acc_cp {
            context clientside
        f5portal_external_SSLClient {
            context clientside
        http { }
        ppp { }
        rba { }
        rewrite { }
        tcp { }
        websso { }
    source-address-translation {
        type automap
    translate-address enabled
    translate-port enabled
    vs-index 5

I had already tried to "list" the security policy but i receive only partial conf:

asm policy Al_SecPolicy {
    app-service none
    blocking-mode disabled
    description "Rapid Deployment Policy"
    encoding utf-8
    parent-policy none
    partition Common
    policy-builder disabled
    policy-type security
    virtual-servers {

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  • Hello,


    No, there is no way to see full policy in tmsh, because only few basic policy settings are supported in tmsh.

    But to get policy in textual human-readable view you can export it as XML or as JSON (this ability will appear starting from v16.1.0).


    Thanks, Ivan