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Dec 07, 2011

Secure VIP with SSL Termination not working

Hi guys,



I've created secure VIP with SSL termination on the client and few non-secure web servers. When I access the vip without an app on the url, it all works fine. If I append a web context to the url, i.e., I get get page cannot be displayed error and 302 in my http_response in iRule.



What am I doing wrong?



Thanks, Roman



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  • Hi Roman,



    Is the server redirecting to http://...? If so, try creating a custom HTTP profile with rewrite redirects enabled and add it to the HTTPS virtual server.



  • Hi Aaron,



    Thank you very much for your reply! All I did was create a custom http profile with Redirect Rewrite set to "All", attach it to my vip, and voila - it worked! I guess should I have secured servers in the pool, I wouldn't need one?



    Thank you, Roman