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Oct 16, 2013

SAML IdP - Can you have one APM support multiple SAML IdPs?

  • We have setup one vip and one APM that we want to use for all SAAS logins.
  • We are currently federating with about four saas cloud vendors (Salesforce, box, and others).
  • I don't want to create multiple virtual servers or APMs but for the APM you can only pick one SSO configuration.
  • Each SAML IdP services shows up as it's own SSO configuration. Will I need to do an iRule to switch between them?
  • Also in the documentation it says that you can have multiple IdP for a virtual server. Current Setup

SAML IdP Connfiguration * IdP Services -> idp_salseforce (bound to sp connector) sp_connector_salesforce * IdP Services -> idp_box (bound to sp connector) sp_connector_box


VirtualServer_SSO_SAML -> APM_SSO_SAML -> SSO Configuration -> Only allowed to pick one idp services (this is the problem)


  • Yes, you can have multiple IdPs setup for one virtual server. We have 3 right now. In the access policy, after authentication, I have one webtop and the 3 SAML resources. Works just fine SP initiated.


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  • Generally speaking you might have multiple IdPs in an IdP-initiated config. In your case though you should be able to bind all of the SP connectors to the same IdP and have a single SSO object.


  • Yes, you can have multiple IdPs setup for one virtual server. We have 3 right now. In the access policy, after authentication, I have one webtop and the 3 SAML resources. Works just fine SP initiated.


  • Thanks Travis that actually worked :) I should have continue going down the route of setting up a rewrite profile and a webtop. The problem was I thought the webtop would take me to a webtop portal page. It's hard to figure out how all the parts come together because of all of the loosely connected pieces. On to SharePoint integration now!


  • You shouldn't need rewrite on a SAML only virtual, just the access profile. The cool thing you can do though is setup a rewrite portal on another virtual, have your users login there and give them SAML resources, internal resources via links, Citrix (if you have it), SSL VPN (if you want to use it), View (again, if you have it), etc. Then they're logging in once and getting access to their resources.


  • I am trying to do this and also be able to assign the SAML resource depending on what AD security group they are in. For instance I have three IdP's (webex, box, salesforce) and they all use the same VIP and all three resources on the same webtop as described above.


    I am trying to figure out how I would determine the incoming IdP Entity ID perhaps, to then check if they are in the correct AD security group and then assign the correct SAML resource.


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      We are trying to do the same, have multiple Service Providers use F5 as IdP, but have each SP app have it's own AD group associated with it and only allow users to access apps they are AD group members of. We use SP initiated authentication. Is this possible?


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      If I understand correctly, you can do this with successive advanced resource assign on the vpe, or ad group resource assign (can't remember if it allows assign SAML resources) I mean chained AD Group or Advanced Resource Assign. On the first assign webtop to everybody, then fallback to another that assigns first saml Resource with conditions, fallback to second and so on With this config is indifferent if idp or sp initiated. Webtop will not show links but if sp initiated will not allow access


  • Hi all,


    I managed for my SP-initiated setup to assign the SAML SSO-Resource over the Webtop. Works great, but only for one specific IDP config. The question no is, how can I distinguish the different SP's and assigning different SAML SSO Resources via Webtop (single IDP VIP)? I tried with condition Landing-URI but of course this URI is always the same for all SAML communication.


    Any ideas?


    Thanks Thrillseeker


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      Hi. As far as I can remember you must create as many idp services as sp's you have , and link one to one, no matter idp services are equal. Then create equivalent SAML resources and assign them on vpe with the desired condition (not on SSO part of the access policy). Idp or sp initiated it must work


      Hope this helps


  • I’m working on using F5 as a SAML idP and I need to emulate a SaaS as SP. I faced a lack of knowledge a round related to how to create such lab “the application demo” to use it as a SP