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May 28, 2023

samesite cookie for SAML authentication


I'm using to setup and test


MS Azure iDP

and I am using F5 script for setting cookies (F5 APM / ASM) samesite attributes, basically

My issue is the return call from MS Azure is a 302 redirect back to the F5. the browser (Edge / Firefox) is not sending any of the F5 cookies.


I presume because MRHSession is not being sent a new session is being created which breacks the SAML auth.


I have samesite for this and all F5 to secure  / http only / samesite => lax


it looks like i need to set samesite to none for MRHsession

are other facing this problem if so how are you dealing with it - I am thinking of making this change just for my SP VS/domain

is there another solution ?






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  • Come back to add some info for this

    MRHSession cookie needs to be set to samesite="none" for saml redirect to work  - simple as that 😞

    Thats what I have done on my SP