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Jul 13, 2012

Route Domains LTM/GTM

Hi All,



We have 8900's using 10.2 TMOS. We also have 1600 GTM' working with the LTM.


Now, I want to use Route Domains however, the GTM doesnt detect the Virtual servers when I configure the route domain on the LTM. Once I remove the route domain eveyrthing works normal. I read that this is a limitation on older verions of TMOS.




Can someone please advise if this is still the case or has this been fixed in newer TMOS 11.2 or 11.2. If I am not correct in what I mentioned above then can someone please advise me if how can I get route domains working on a LTM and it doesnt break the connectivity between the GTM and the LTM




Appreciate any help on this




Regards, Kishore




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  • Hi Kishore,


    I will suggest you to quickly open a case with F5 support and they must answer your query. For the latest version of TMOS i will prefer you go with 11.1 as it has gone through some major testing and has a no. of HF avaliable. Do share the reply of the support with us.



  • Hi folks, the GTM can monitor various route-domains on LTM, provided they are on ve 11.1 and up.