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Mar 30, 2021

root password recovery on VE with remote authentication

I'm trying to reset the root password on a VE LTM. When I try to go to the GUI, I get a 500 gateway error. When I try to log in via SSH, my password doesn't work. I can reboot into single user mode following K4178 and mount the filesystems and "chroot /sysroot" per K35811337. However, when I run "passwd root", I get an error saying "the user root is currently authenticated from a remote source"


Root shouldn't be remotely authenticated. Any suggestions of how to proceed from here? There's nothing important in the configuration currently, so I'm not concerned with keeping the existing config intact.

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  • As I had same same issue, I woul like to share my solution; even though I stumbled about it on an appliance. In my case I've mixed up the recovery for RAID and non-RAID.  I had to use guide for non-RAID which involves mounting the config and var partition before changing the root.