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Aug 14, 2020

Return ASM Violation in Response

Hey folks,   Is it possible to return the ASM violation in the response body?   If so, what does that logic look like?
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    Aug 20, 2020

    I don't know how to do it in simple way, but you can try to use ASM iRule for this purpose.

    Something like this:


    set x [ASM::violation_data]

    #c_ stands for "custom"

    set c_brp "<html>


             <title>This is a custom BRP!</title>



             <h1>The request was blocked and next violations were detected: [lindex $x 0].</h1>



      set c_brplen [string length $c_brp]


    HTTP::header replace "Content-length" $c_brplen


    #ASM already formed a BRP, so we delete it first and place ours instead

    #d_ stands for "default"

    set d_brplen [ASM::payload length]

    ASM::payload replace 0 $d_brplen $c_brp



    Thanks, Ivan