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Aug 23, 2023

Restrict URI basis access when source has no static IP


How to restrict URI basis access when source has no static IP ?

Some of the vendor I see do not have static ip , so we will not be able to do URI level restriction for a specific source/company using src IP.

Cert based auth is not feasible as all vendor will not support cert based auth , then need to configure multiple VIP  ( one for which can use cert auth and other for who does not support cert based auth ) , but we do not want to create multiple VIPs. Trying to see if we can fit the solution within a vip.

my scenario is like below

A Company >>

B Company >>

A will not be able to access ur1 and vice versa.

Based on my scenario which module i should use LTM - irule , APM , ASM  ?

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  • Hi Subrun , 

    so you need different way other than source address ip to identify Company A/B... traffic. 

    you can ask them about their range of Ip subnets or address , and them in a data group >>> then match on this Data group to return the correct url response. 

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      as I said some of the company change their ip , so not trying to use src ip as condition. 

      • Yes I know. 
        I proposed only this Data-group option , as I think there is no other criteria to put it as conditions. 

        Maybe another one in DevCentral give you clue.