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Jun 29, 2011

restart pool member from iRule?

Hi folks,



I need to restart a pool member from inside an iRule (using LTM 9.4.8). I detect if a node is down, take it out of the mix, and resend the traffic. That part is working. However, I can't figure out how to restart the node (weblogic server) which went down. We use HP Orchestration service (has a REST webservice to manage servers) to do that remotely, but I don't know if there's a way to invoke a webservice from inside an iRule?



Any help is appreciated.


Thanks Roman

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    I suppose it depends on how the webservice needs to be called. Technically in 9.4.8 there isn't a way to just say "Send this HTTP request that I custom formatted to that IP over there". You have to be more tricky about it with custom payloads and HTTP::retry and whatnot.



    It might be doable though, depending on what you need to send, and to where. So what does the request you're trying to send look like?



  • Colin,


    Thank you for speedy response. Since I don't know how to create a SOAPRequest inside iRule, I use a REST-ful webservice which can be invoked via HTTP/HTTPS like this:

 , etc. Webservice should restart a server and send back a status. That's pretty much it.



    Thanks Roman