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Jul 13, 2012

Requests to Virtual Timeouts Out




Requests to VIP on port 443 are timing out in 30 secs instead of 60 secs.



Idle Timeout is set to 60 secs..still requests are timing out in 30 secs.



VIP is as below



virtual vs_om


snatpool om_snp


pool pl100




ip protocol tcp


profiles om_prof


vlan 90 enable



Details of the profile settings are as below,



profile om_prof {


defaults from tcp


proxy mss enable


nagle disable


proxy buffer low 10000


proxy buffer high 11072


idle timeout 60


send buffer 64000


recv buffer 64000



pool members behind the vip are responding on port 443.



Any ideas would be gr8t!!..thanks - gnsk


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  • Requests to VIP on port 443 are timing out in 30 secs instead of 60 did you know it is reset by timeout?
  • it was reported to us...that requests are being timeout when sending requests to VIP by an application.



    Can you tell..if there is a way to check..if the reset is happening by timeout or by any other reason?



    There is another VIP2 for which requests are not timing out and working fine. But the idle timeout is same. Found no diffrnce.



    thsnk -gnsk



  • i suggest opening a support case and provide them qkview and tcpdump which is taken when having an issue.



    for tcpdump, you may use command similar to this.


    tcpdump -nni 0.0:nnn -s0 -w /var/tmp/output.pcap host x.x.x.x or host y.y.y.y


    x.x.x.x is virtual server ip


    y.y.y.y is pool member ip



    hope this helps.