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Jan 17, 2019

Renaming a route-domain

Hi! After a while (and in production), I realize that I have a route-domain name "not corresponded" to the traffic going through. Its a label at the end, but in case I have to change it, which is the BEST (not intrusive) way to do it?


Thank you




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  • In big ip configuration, object names are not only a label but unique ID!


    Route domains are quite different because it has an id which is used anywhere in the configuration.


    It can’t be renamed but as the name is not used as reference in other objects, you can try to change it in bigip_base.conf then reload config...


    I never tried it so create a backup first!


    I hope you’re not asking to rename a partition!


  • You confirm that you want to rename only RD name and not id?


  • do you need more help on this topic? Stanislas describ the way to achieve it...


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      I had the same need and I finally made it, here is the process I found:

      edit /config/bigip_base.conf

      touch /service/mcpd/forceload            (to force bigip use text config)



      I can't say it fit to "not intrusive" but it works.