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Aug 30, 2012

Rename LTM partitions

Hi all,



We have recently come across situations where we need to rename one or more partitions on a particular LTM.



The partitions are often populated with a large number of virtual servers etc, so would be much easier to be able to rename rather than recreate ground up.



Others in the team have tried manually editing the text config files with varying success, however have come across an issue now where an iControl script I made that grabs the list of partitions on the F5 and iterates through them to do various things.


Where ever the script gets the list of partitions from hadn't been updated with the new partition name, so when it tried to set the active partition to a renamed one the script threw an exception of unknown partition ID.



Just wondering if there is a simpler way to do this that we have missed?




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  • as far as i know it is not possible, your stuck with deleting and creating again im afraid.
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    The alternative (Since it also means deleting and re-creating all the objects in the partition) is (Unsupported) to edit the config files by hand and reload the config... Might take a few go's so do it from the console and at a time you can take the downtime hit and possible disruptions.