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Nov 15, 2010

Remove Self-IP

Here is the situation. We currently have a VLAN Interface associated with a Self-IP on an F5 LTM running 9.4.6. The only thing on this VLAN are nodes used on the F5 as pool members. The VLAN can be reached via the F5's Default Gateway, thus the directly connected VLAN is not needed. We would like to remove the VLAN and the SELF-IP associated with that VLAN without going through the task of removing all the pool members from their pools, removing the self-ip and VLAN, then re-adding the pool members. The "Fail-safe" features on the F5 prevent me from doing just that. Is there any way to force the removal of the Self-IP and VLAN without going through the process or removing the pool members from the associated poos?







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  • u can edit /config/bigip_base.conf file and run b load.



    SOL3145: Modifying the configuration of the BIG-IP system using the bigpipe load and bigpipe base load commands




    u may have to remove binary image file and run bigstart restart



    SOL6622: Change in Behavior: Beginning in version 9.4, BIG-IP loads its configuration from binary image files instead of text-based files at system startup

  • they will be re-created after running bigstart restart.