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May 12, 2011

Remote Authentication - Tacacs+ server unavailable - fallback local?

If I configure a TACACS+ server and it becomes unavailable will the F5 LTM (10.2.1) fallback to using the local database?



Also if the TACACS+ server is communicating can a local admin account be used to log into the device?



I just want to make sure I don't hose myself when I configure Remote TACACS+ authentication.







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  • Hi Josh,



    I don't think there is any fallback mechanism by default if the remote auth server(s) aren't available. The root and admin accounts are always authenticated locally though, so you can use those accounts in the event of a failure to the remote auth server.



    I think there is an existing request for enhancement asking to support remote and local admin auth. If this is something you'd find useful, you could open a case with F5 Support.