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Aug 09, 2022

remote access to apm and ltm logs

Is there a way for my IT team to search the logs of an F5 being managed by a different company?  Either existing or something we can build.

I work in IT for a department within a state government.  We setup and managed our F5 for years.  Recently, that management was outsourced to a company.  We no longer have any access to the F5 server so we can't see the configuration or logs.

There are two Access Policies that allow users access to our webapps with SSO.  The most common help desk ticket I get is I can not login to X application.  I currently have to submit a ticket with the new company to have them check the log and tell me what it says so I can help the user.

I would like to somehow securely view our employees logs without directly accessing the F5 server.  Could we possibly have an iRule that would allow us to search by username or session id?  Or configure F5 to write our logs to a server my IT team does have access to?

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  • A log profile with a log destination to a remote syslog server should resolve your problem.

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      I will get with the people managing our F5 and see if we can get that setup.